10 easy last minute costume ideas



Dilemma: Your friend just texted you: “Halloween party tonight, my place, see you at 10.” 

Bigger Dilemma: It is 6 and you have no costume.

This happens to all of us once in our life. So no matter if you are being proactive and getting ideas ready for when this happens, or if the party is in two hours, the answers are here! 


<strong>1. &ldquo;The Cat&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong>

&nbsp;This costume is quite the classic. There probably will be at least three other cats at any given Halloween party, but hey, there is strength in numbers!

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Cat ears ($2.99 at Value Village & also available at American Apparel)
  • Black clothes 
  • To quote Mean Girls: “The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.”

<strong>2. &ldquo;The Lifeguard&rdquo;</strong>

&nbsp;You may not be David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson, but you can definitely still rock this costume!&nbsp;

<strong>What You Will Need:&nbsp;</strong>
  • “Lifeguard” shirt, sweater or shorts (If you don’t have this, one of your friends probably is a lifeguard or has a “lifeguard” clothing item found at any beach town)
  • Black shorts or bathing suit 
  • Sunglasses

<strong>3. &ldquo;The Robber&rdquo;</strong>

This outfit is perfect if you know someone who is being a police officer.

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Black clothes (dress in all black)
  • Optional: White and black striped shirt
  • Black mask
  • Black toque 
  • Black gloves

<strong>4.&nbsp; &ldquo;The Construction Worker&rdquo;</strong>

No actual construction work experience needed!

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • White shirt
  • Jeans or shorts & socks
  • Construction vest (found at Mark’s or KW Surplus or from your buddy whose summer job was at a construction company)
  • Hardhat 

<strong>5. &ldquo;Cowboy/girl&rdquo;</strong>

It&rsquo;s been done&hellip; Why not do it again?

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Plaid shirt
  • Cowboy/girl hat
  • Cowboy/girl boots
  • Jeans
  • Extra Points: Stick horse 

<strong>6. &ldquo;Costume Not Found&rdquo;</strong>

If anyone asks, you&rsquo;re not lazy; you are creative.

<strong>&nbsp;What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Plain white shirt 
  • Black fabric marker or Sharpie (Found at Walmart or Michael’s)
  • Jeans
Then write &ldquo;ERROR 404: costume not found&rdquo; on the shirt and voila! You have yourself a costume.


<strong>7. &ldquo;Life&rdquo;</strong>

Here&rsquo;s another DIY costume for the typical optimist.&nbsp;

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Plain coloured dhirt
  • A fabric marker or Sharpie
  • A bowl
  • Several lemons
When life gives you lemons&hellip; Make a costume out of it!


<strong>8. &ldquo;Olive Penderghast/Emma Stone&rdquo;</strong>

This costume originates from the movie <em>Easy A</em> and is easy to make!

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Black corset top and black leggings OR black dress
  • Black heels
  • Red construction paper or fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape 
  • Wayfarer sunglasses
Cut an &ldquo;A&rdquo; out of the paper or fabric and tape it on your shirt or dress. There you go!


<strong>9. &ldquo;Dead Person&rdquo;&nbsp;</strong>

A Halloween classic. This costume is very easy and quick!&nbsp;

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Any outfit that you desire
  • Fake blood
Splatter fake blood on your outfit and you&rsquo;re done. Feel free to add dark makeup around your eyes for extra effect!


<strong>10. &ldquo;Tourist&rdquo;</strong>

To make this costume even better, constantly ask people for directions or to take a picture of you in front of random objects.

<strong>What You Will Need:</strong>
  • Tacky short sleeve button up shirt (can be found basically at any thrift store)
  • Bucket hat
  • Khaki shorts
  • Map
Lei (easy to find in party supply stores or dollar stores)