A night of gyrating rainbow rays


Featuring entertainers in glittering, tight-fitting gowns or miniskirts and bone pinching heels, and others in drooping jersey shirts and jeans or southern sexy swag, GLOW’s latest Drag Me to the Bomber event featured a lineup of performers who aimed to entertain into the wee hours. Celebrating their 43rd birthday with the event March 7, GLOW created an evening that was truly something to see.

The music was thumping, the alcohol was flowing, the lights were swinging, and the performers were pumping on the floor and the people in the audience, who raised their voices to nearly hearing-impairing levels.

There were performers of many different styles that night, including Miss Drew, Delilah Hart, Jack Tupp, Dewet Hafta, Nikki Davis, Athena McQueen, and Victoria Parks. 

In addition to the music and moves, they also took some time to make hilarious cock-and-ball jokes. Miss Drew went as far as to harass the audience, calling one girl a bitch and making sexual advances towards a few men around the room. 

Nonetheless, the members of the audience thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, sometimes even following the entertainers onto the stage and interacting with them in very provocative ways. Examples included resting on a couch while the performers put their arms and legs around them, and amassing into a group to dance with the singers as they lip-synced to the music.

Entertaining to the last minute, this show was delightfully strange, well worth going to, and truly memorable.