Announcing a musical melange

Back for a fifth year, Fashion for Change unveiled the theme for their upcoming annual show: music awards.

In a sold-out party on Jan. 30 at The Bombshelter Pub, 300-plus guests were on hand for the organization’s theme release. The fashion show is in March and will showcase original choreography, modeling, and outfits sponsored by Fairview Park Mall. 

After a <a href="">television-themed show in 2014</a> that drew on popular television past and present, Fashion for Change returned to pop culture for this year&rsquo;s theme, celebrating music artists such as Bruno Mars, Beyonc&eacute;, and Taylor Swift.&nbsp;

&ldquo;This show will be recognizing exceptional artists and iconic performers,&rdquo; said Nathan Tiangson, Fashion for Change&rsquo;s artistic director.

As an &ldquo;awards&rdquo; show, Fashion for Change is adding a new, interactive element, allowing attendees to vote for categories such as &ldquo;Most Empowering Female Artist&ldquo; or &ldquo;Best Love and Heartbreak Artist.&rdquo; Each category represents a set in the show, and voters can participate by selecting one of three or four nominees.&nbsp;

Sales from the theme release and fashion show support the international charity Free The Children, under their Adopt a Village program. Daniel Mulroy, a representative for Free the Children, cited Fashion for Change as their highest donor among universities and colleges.&nbsp;

&ldquo;Fashion for Change has raised over $60,000 for [Sierra Leone],&rdquo; said Mulroy, on their four years of donations. &ldquo;[They&rsquo;ve] been a part of building six schools, and one of those schools has actually been voted one of the best schools in the Magburaka district.&rdquo;

As a Feds organization, over 150 students &mdash;&nbsp; comprising of models, designers, dancers, and more &mdash; contribute to the fashion show. This year&rsquo;s event, which includes both afternoon and night shows, takes place March 7.


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