Bringing people together to Powwow


St. Paul’s Aboriginal Centre’s 14th annual Powwow took place Sept. 23 at Waterloo Park. A Powwow is an indigenous cultural celebration that brings together both native and non-native community members for singing and dancing.

The Powwow drew people of all ethnicities and ages from the community to the park. The attendees not only watched the dancers and singers, but bought handmade objects such as jewelry and dreamcatchers, ate bannock — a fried bread, and were able to participate in the intertribal dances.

There were various dances and songs throughout the ceremony. The highlights of the Powwow were the women’s and men’s fancy dancers, as well as the hoop dancers. During the dances, Master of Ceremonies Adrain Harjo explained the story behind each one.

The ceremony also involved a moment to honour Angie Misquadis, a community member who passed away from cancer, and to honour those who affected by the hurricanes in the  southern U.S.

There was also a moment to say goodbye to current Aboriginal Centre Events Coordinator Shawn Johnston, who will be travelling for a year.


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