Campus Crime


False Fire Alarm

At approximately 12:03 a.m. March 23 in REV East, police and the fire department responded to a fire alarm. There was no fire and the cause was determined to be a pull station alarm being falsely activated. 

Message to the public regarding false fire alarms:

This type of incident is taken very seriously by UWPS. It results in a danger to people inside the building who have to evacuate. When determined to be a false alarm, it is recognized as a major inconvenience for these residents. There is also a danger created for the fire departments and other emergency services personnel who respond in the belief there is a fire. These incidents are rigorously investigated by police and where those responsible are identified they will be charged criminally.

Police encourage anyone that has information regarding a fire alarm being falsely activated to report to their don, UWPS directly or report via the UWPS anonymous reporting system found on the UW Police website:

Liquor Licence Act provincial offence notices issued (3):

Presenting false identification – 2

Failing to provide identification – 1