Campus Crime



Cell phones (2):

iPhone – Jan. 31, DP 10th floor

iPhone – Jan. 28, DP third floor

Bike (1):

Mountain bike – Nov.- Jan. 28, SJU



UWPS are investigating an incident of graffiti that occurred Jan. 29. The tag was found in the pedestrian tunnel between Modern Languages and the Arts Lecture Hall. Anyone with information is requested to contact UWPS. 


Liquor License Act Provincial Offence Notices issued (2):

Intoxicated in Public (1)

Presenting False Identification (1)


False fire alarm

UWPS and the Waterloo fire department responded to a fire alarm at REV at 2:16 a.m. Jan. 31. The cause of the alarm was found to be a pulled fire station. The residence was evacuated but no fire was found and the alarm was determined to have been false. 

This type of incident is taken very seriously by UWPS.  It results in a danger to people inside the building who have to evacuate. There is also a danger created for the fire departments and other emergency services personnel who respond in the belief there is a fire. 

When determined to be a false alarm it is recognized as a major inconvenience for these residents. These incidents are rigorously investigated by police and where those responsible are identified they will be charged criminally.

Police encourage anyone that has information regarding a fire alarm being falsely activated to report to their don or UWPS.