Committing to improve student well-being

According to the Feds elections exit survey, student well-being is the second highest concern for students, surpassed only by tuition fees. As well, data provided by the Health Services-run National College Health Assessment (NCHA) report identified multiple areas of concern relating to student well-being issues on campus. Overall, students reported cases of stress, depression, anxiety, as well as a lack of physical activity as concerns that have impacted their studies.

Students’ Council has requested me to chair a committee designed to create actionable recommendations for both Feds and the university so that we enable a campus environment that values the health and wellness of students. It consists of undergraduate students Michael Palha, Tatiana Morand, Renishaki Kamalanathan, Chloe France, Cherrie Shi, Elana Hashman, and Catherine Tan. So far the committee works on identifying areas of concern within mental health, wellness, and counselling for undergraduate students.

With respect to these issues, the committee is recommending improvements to Feds as well as forming tangible policies and services for students. The MHC will also advise Feds about programs, services, and events that promote the on- and off-campus mental health services. Meetings are underway and initiatives for the future are in progress.


David Collins

President, Federation of Students