Communitech launches landing pads in New York and San Francisco

Kitchener-based technology incubator Communitech is expanding its support network with new landing pads in New York City and San Francisco. These landing pads are meant to provide support to Canadian companies attempting to break into global markets.</p>

“If you are a Canadian company, we encourage you to go and do business for cheaper,” said Chris Plunkett, Communitech director of external relations. These landing pads provide expanding tech startups with workspaces in two of the biggest economic centres in North America, allowing them access to networking opportunities far beyond the reach of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Access to reliable and professional office space in San Francisco, “heart of the tech center,” and New York City, “heart of the financial industry,” can be incredibly valuable to new companies who often have to rent expensive real estate or schedule meetings in restaurants and coffee shops.  

“[Communitech hopes to attract] the companies that want to ramp up their sale records and to go after the biggest markets in the world,” Plunkett said. 

These new landing pads will give Canadian startup tech companies increased opportunities to interact with major American tech firms.

Plasticity Labs, a software company located in Kitchener, opened an office in New York City last week. The company had been planning the move for some time, hoping to expand into global markets. Access to Communitech’s New York City landing pad sped up their projected timeline by nine to 12 months.

The success of Plasticity’s move south of the border has brought attention to the new program, with an increasing number of startups applying for the office spaces in New York City. The goal is for these landing pads to serve as stepping-stones for KW startups, allowing them to float their ideas in a global market.