Snow days are a fundamental right of every Canadian student. When roads are considered so dangerous at 7:30 a.m. that school buses cannot run, the schools close and people stay home and enjoy not slipping on ice and cracking their heads open. AND YET, the University of Waterloo has ROBBED its student population of this right multiple times. RIGHT, not PRIVILEGE.&nbsp;</p>

In back-and-forth emailing with a member of the UW administration, the Waterloo Enquirer was forwarded an email accidently that perfectly explains why UW never closes. The subject of the email states “FW: RE: RE: RE: YO LAKELOSER WHERE’S MY MONEY HAHA” 

According to this email, the administration of the University of Waterloo has an ongoing gamble with the administration of Lakehead University. Apparently, UW has to remain open without fail (bad weather and bomb threats included). If campus remains open, Lakehead has to fund 40 per cent of a new building that won’t be used by students. 

Notable lines of this email exchange include: “Lolololol did you actually remain open when Laurier had a BOMB THREAT??!! Lololol you guys are such #NERDS, fuck student safety amirite??” and “Give me my money, university buildings won’t fund themselves. LOLOLOL oh wait, they will. We can just increase tuition by eight per cent for foreign students. Lolol you gotta get some of these kids, they’ll pay anything.”

The Waterloo Enquirer cannot confirm if the UW administration is aware of their leaked email, but we were able to get an interview with the UW provost. 

Waterloo Enquirer: “Who decides that campus will close or remain open: you or Plant Ops?

Provost: “We both do. Plant Ops reports to me the condition of campus, and I determine if that is safe for us to remain open.”

WE: “But what about those who have to get to campus, like commuters? Getting to campus would be difficult-”

P: “We understand the roads will be difficult in snow storms or whatever. That why we encourage people to make safe choices.”

WE: “Then why don’t you close campus if most people would choose to stay home due to the weather?”

P: “Because campus is safe. Plant Ops makes sure of that.”

WE: “But the roads TO campus wouldn’t be safe.” 

P: “I’ve said all I will on this topic.”

WE: “Okay, I have sources that say there is a bet between UW and Lakehead about remaining open, can you comment on this?”

P: “I’m unaware of any ‘bet,’ I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

WE: “Allow me to quote an email I was able to acquire, ‘If I can keep UW open in weather worse than Thunder Bay, you’ll pay for half of the new building on campus.’ Do you have any comment on this?”

P: “No, I do not. UW will close when conditions are considered dangerous to students and staff.”

WE: “What about that one snow day in January 2013?”

When I asked that question, I was quickly escorted out of the room.

The UW administration can feign ignorance and deny involvement, but silence speaks louder than words, and leaked private emails are ABSOLUTE fact.