Do my eyes deceive me?


Fixations and Saccades, the latest University of Waterloo Art Gallery (UWAG) exhibit, seeks to challenge your views in a rather literal sense through its visually-stimulating art.  At first glance, the gallery generates a solely visual effect, inducing the element of saccade, though once immersed, the fixations begin.

The exhibit desires to channel a response to the inherenthuman nature of swift eye movements and the short periods  in-between. Featured in the gallery are the works of six unique artists: Jaime Angelopoulos, Paul Dignan, Daniel Hutchinson, Janine Miedzik, Sasha Pierce, and Gary Spearin, who utilize the multifaceted visual language of abstraction.  The artists utilize mediums ranging from paint to premium duct tape in their pieces. These mediums distort expectations and harness the element of surprise and wonder. The differences in artistic approach and material highlight the multidimensional approaches to the complex concept of abstract art.

Fixations and Saccades runs from Sept. 15 – Oct. 29. On Oct. 6 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m., it will feature a special artist’s panel with Daniel Hutchinson, Janine Miedzik, and Sasha Pierce, among others. UWAG is located at 263 Phillip St, inside East Campus Hall.

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