Don’t fence in my campus

I’m writing in response to an idea of the Ring Road safety committee — to fence in the east side of campus to make crossing for pedestrians safer.

I completely disagree with this plan. The idea behind it is admirable, and definitely warranted, but seriously? A fence? Fences are meant to keep preschoolers in their playground, dogs out of the neighbour’s yard, or convicts in prison, not preventing mature young adults from crossing the road.

The problem with Ring Road is there are only two areas with stop signs: BMH and SCH, which are on opposite ends of campus. Everywhere else, crossing is up to the will and luck of the pedestrian.

Usually crossings fare well, but sometimes drivers go too fast and can cause severe damage with one fell swoop. So pedestrians tend to give them priority (I certainly do). But it shouldn’t have to be this way.  Drivers should be stopping for us. I’ve seen drivers stop for a string of geese to cross, so why not a string of students? 

Improving Ring Road safety can be as simple as adding speed bumps to slow vehicles down and add stop signs — these methods are in action near the construction of the Science Teaching Complex, so why not elsewhere? Speed bumps and stop signs would certainly be easier to maintain than a fence.

In closing, I’d like to offer some advice to everyone out there: Remember to look both ways, even if you’re a goose.


Emma Koivu

2B, Honours Science