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The team behind Pipe Dream Interactive, Ryan Brooks, Robert Bruski, and Josh Brooks, hosted a launch party for Invisivision at The Tannery May 14, showcasing a pair of eyeglasses that could change the way we view films and play video games.

 Invisivision is a pair of glasses that allows the user to choose between two different but related streams of footage by flipping the lenses either down or up. The launch also marked day one of the Invisivision campaign aiming to raise $200,000 through Kickstarter. The launch party included live demonstrations of Invisivision, garnering much enthusiasm and support from the attendees.

Invisivision’s patent-pending glasses separate light into different classes. While multiple layers of images are projected onto the screen, the polarized lenses only reveal one image stream at a time by flipping the lenses up and down. Invisivision can also simulate 3-D effects if the lenses are flipped one up, one down. Because the lenses can block and reveal one image stream from each eye, moviegoers who avoid 3-D films  out of an aversion to getting headaches can watch 3-D movies without the unwanted side-effects.

The storytelling possibilities Invisivision offers for animators, advertisers, film and video game makers, and any other content creators are endless. Invisivision’s ability to reveal and conceal has multiple applications. Directors can show dual perspectives from different cameras or points of view, add in subtitles for the hearing impaired or foreign languages, and distort the view with visual effects such as X-ray or night vision. Advertisers can explore Invisivision as a platform for interactive marketing by offering exclusive promo codes that can only be seen with the glasses, or by customizing and branding the glasses itself.   

At each station, the guests were given examples of the variety of applications for Invisivision. To demonstrate separate image streaming, guests were treated to a view of a hairy man sitting in a hottub with a bra when viewed on screen with both lenses flipped down, and sans bra with both lenses flipped up.

Another station let guests play a sword-fighting game on the Wii. Invisivision allowed one player to view the screen from their character’s perspective, thereby eliminating split-screen display in video games. Other stations showed short videos that revealed and hid  subtitles, advertisements, and whole characters from the clips.

“At the event tonight we have demonstrations of examples I personally produced, but the challenge is that I’m not a film producer … We’ve had interest from Stan Lee, James Cameron, and Universal Studios. They all want to see this, but they all want to see this in the best possible fashion and that’s what we are going to do,” Brooks said.

The team is shooting a seven-minute short with director Glenn Forbes and actors Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux to showcase all of its features, with December 2014 as the projected North American release date. They are currently working with Cineplex and Regal Cinemas in the U.S. to distribute the film. Contributors to their campaign at the $35 level will receive tickets to the premiere.

The team plans to use a portion of their funding to manufacture reusable eyewear that could reduce the amount of waste the film industry currently produces with disposable 3-D glasses — the mockups used during Wednesday’s event were 3-D-printed prototypes.  The final product will be a pair of reusable glasses consumers would bring with them to the movies.

“North America is one of the only regions in the world where they just give them to the consumer. The rest of the world, they buy them and bring them,” Brooks stated.

Currently, the  Invisivision glasses go through an industrial dishwasher but the materials they are made from prevents them from being washed more than three times. Invisivision proposes to sell reusable glasses at $3 a pair.

For more information on Invisivision or to donate to their campaign, visit <a href="http://www.invisivision.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.invisivision.com</a>.


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