Etherium event excites UW


Cryptocurrencies are continuing to expand in worth and prominence and nowhere is this more obvious than at the University of Waterloo.

Etherium, one of the plethora of major cryptocurrencies, was founded by a former UW student, Vitalik Buterin, who dropped out of the university after securing a $100,000 Thiel fellowship.

The connection between Etherium and UW remains strong, and the school boasts a robust student club dedicated to the cryptocurrency, which recently hosted “ETHWaterloo”, an Ethereum-based hackathon.

The event focused on creating decentralized applications that could utilize Etherium  technology in a beneficial way.

Over 300 hackers attended the hackathon, which featured guests from notable startups, as well as a keynote speech from Buterin himself.

ETHWaterloo also included workshops and panels to help everyone from hardened hackers to beginners learn about a variety of technologies and applications.

ETHWaterloo views Etherium as a revolutionary tool in modern society, saying in a release:

“This technology is not even a decade old yet, but has already caused a revolution of sorts in the financial industry.

“For the first time in human history, we can now build decentralized and trustless applications that exchange value and that are guaranteed to run exactly as written with no third party interference or corruption.”

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, demand for devlopers with specific skills and knowledge in the field will increase as well.