Every Warrior needs some backup

While somewhat unfamilliar to the world of Canadian interuniversity sport, fan clubs have a long history of arriving at games in colours, bringing props, and making noise. The clubs are an important part of soccer stadiums, and their sorts of antics are a common sight at American NCAA games, and have now spread to the University of Waterloo.

Warrior Tribe has been present at a number of recent games, decked out in black and gold, chanting loudly, and sporting masks. The group intends to change the level of support for varsity teams in home games. According to the club’s Facebook page “ This club is an attempt to give our teams home court advantage and revive the Waterloo spirit we have all been looking for.”

On Thursday, Jan. 30, the Warrior Tribe will take a school bus to Guelph to watch the men’s hockey team take on the Gryphons, their first away game event ever. The group is planning to hold a mixer at Bomber beforehand, charging $15 for transport and ticket.

“We’re going to see if we can get King Warrior to come along,” said Ben Balfour, a member of the Tribe, speaking of the Warriors’ mascot, “I think we can fill the bus.”

It remains to be seen how many fans the Warrior Tribe can get out to an away game, let alone if they can affect varsity team records, but they’ll try. And that’s something the University of Waterloo hasn’t seen in a while.