Feds gears up for municipal elections

This week, in preparation for the municipal elections Oct. 27, Feds will be releasing two documents online outlining what improvements politicians should make in order to enhance student life in the tri-city area.

Some of the ideas outlined include creating a restorative justice program for breaching city bylaws, extending the frequency and length of service to many popular bus routes used by students, creating a dedicated housing office to support all post-secondary students searching for accommodations, and promoting cultural events in uptown Waterloo.

This document was created through large amounts of research.

“We considered problems that we’ve heard frequently from students, and looked into how different cities found solutions and programs that have worked to solve them,” said Stephane Hamade, VP education of Feds.

Students will be able to consider these points in the document when analyzing the platforms of various mayoral candidates.

“We have had meetings with all of the candidates and raised concerns about these issues,” said Andres Fuentes, research and policy officer for Feds.

This document will be released with the hope that students will be informed on municipal politics and feel more inclined to vote.

“We encourage students to participate in elections and do research on the candidates,” Hamade said. “If students become particularly interested in a specific issue, Feds is willing to look into these issues further and do additional research.”

In addition to the document, Feds will be hosting many events where students will be able to ask questions to the candidates. On Oct. 7, there will be a meet and greet with all candidates, and they will be hosting an advanced polling date  Oct. 8. There will also be a mayoral debate hosted on campus Oct. 20.