Feds’ new committee for increased BoD transparency

<em>Editor&#39;s note: In an ongoing blog series,&nbsp;</em>Imprint<em>&nbsp;poses a question relevant to on-campus politics, activities, and student life. A&nbsp;</em>Feds<em>&nbsp;representative(s) will answer in detail. If you have a question for the Feds executives, send it to blogs@imprint.uwaterloo.ca. This week: Regarding the Feds ad hoc committee for increased BoD transparency, who will its members be (students, staff, what kind?), and how will they ensure the goals of the committee? Feds VP Operations &amp; Finance Ben Balfour answers.</em>

In light of the recent motion that was put forward at the general meeting, along with the recommendations of the Governance review done by an external party, the Board of Directors has chosen to strike a committee to re-evaluate Procedure 20: Board Meetings (Board of Directors Procedures).&nbsp; The intention is to increase transparency and accessibility of the meetings.&nbsp; The committee hopes to do this through improving the administrative processes. Potential ideas that have been discussed in the past include the timeliness of posting agendas and minutes, and the publication of a board meeting summary immediately after each meeting.&nbsp;

The committee will be made accountable to the Board and will present their recommendations to the Board.&nbsp; These recommendations will be made available to the student population as well.&nbsp; The committee will consist of the chair, two directors, a councillor, and a student at large.&nbsp; The at large student position will be posted on Feds.ca, later in November. If you are interested in knowing more please feel free to contact me at <a href="mailto:vpof@feds.ca">vpof@feds.ca</a>, I would love to hear from you.

Ben Balfour

VP Finance &amp; Operations