Feds nominations delayed after glitches

The Feds election nomination process had several problems with the newly implemented online nomination system. During the nomination period, which took place between Jan. 5 and Jan. 19, three problems were discovered with the system.

The first problem encountered was the inability for students to nominate more candidates than there were seats available. Danielle Burt, Feds president, said, “This was just an interpretation in the IT department on the development stage of the elections procedure as saying that you are endorsing a candidate for the position and to not allow multiple nominations.”

The second problem with the nomination system was discovered when masters students, who are not members of Feds, were able to participate in the nomination process.

“There were two things that contributed to that, one being that certain folks in the list that is required for AFSA(Accounting and Finance Student Association) have masters students within their eligibility list,” said Burt.  “The second one was not having an updated voters list before the start of nominations and that was an error on the registrar’s office, not Feds.”

The online nominations site also closed a day early, with students being unable to nominate candidates for 14 hours Jan. 18.

“That one again was an error in code, but in conjunction with paper, you could fix it. But we also extended [the nomination period],” Burt said.

Feds announced a one-day extension on the last scheduled day of nominations, moving the official closing of nominations to Jan. 20 at 4 p.m. According to Burt, this was a decision taken by the elections committee.

The system was tested manually, according to a statement provided to <em>Imprint</em> by Jacqueline Martinz, communications co-ordinator for Feds. The statement also explained that &ldquo;the Feds IT department worked to ensure that by Monday [Jan. 19] you could nominate without any issues.&rdquo;

A list of candidates was posted on the Feds website Jan. 21.