Feds notes

Feds talked on Tuesday to David Wallace, the chief information officer for UW, about Quest’s mobile site. They raised the concern that students couldn’t check if they still owed money to the university using the mobile site. Outside of this concern, Feds expressed their satisfaction with the overall improvement.

Feds Welcome Week lasted all week, with events ranging from Sex Toy Bingo to a movie marathon, to a specially-themed New Years Eve Bomber night. Unfortunately, the horse drawn carriages planned for the Winter Wonderland event on Tuesday night had to be cancelled due to the cold weather.

The communications policy task force met for the first time since being created at the end of November. Their edits to the policy will be discussed at the council meeting this Sunday.

The transition committee, which was created to discuss how executives and directors are transitioned, had their first meeting since August this past Monday. This BoD committee is chaired. by vice-president Ben Balfour.

The elections and referenda committee and the elections and referenda appeals committee both have two open spots for at-large students. These seats look to be filled this Sunday at the last council meeting before general elections begin.