Flappy Flu pandemic

It started out on just one phone, but spread like a bird flapping its wings: in order to get in the air.

The Flappy Bird Flu, known better by Flappy Flu, or just F2 in the scientific community, originated in a CS class in one of the rooms at MC. Officials are having a hard time locating Patient Zero of the virus due to its mobility and mutating nature.

Officials attempted to contain the virus in MC, believing that it would die off on its own. At the time, they were unaware that the phone calls, tweets, and messages they were sending to other officials were actually spreading the virus outside of the MC boundaries.

Eventually, the situation escalated to a pandemic level with all phones in the KW region that had previously installed the game at a high risk of infection and any phones in the vicinity of other players also at risk of infection.

The infection starts in the memory card of the phone as it replaces each photo with an image of Flappy. As the virus progresses, each contact photo is replaced with Flappy’s image, and finally all icons on the phone.

Once this phase of the virus is completed, all icons move and act like Flappy in the original game, but instead of flying between pipes, Flappy now flies between other Flappies.

Phone experts have been trying to concoct a vaccine to the virus with little success because of the rapid mutation of the virus. In a particularly serious strain, the user must complete a game of Flappy Bird to 50 points before their phone can even be unlocked.

Some users have resorted to home remedies, like dunking their phones in water in order to try to kill the virus. While this does completely destroy the virus, it also appears to destroy the phone, too. At the time of publishing, no viable cure or vaccine exists.

Restarting and resetting the phone only increases the speed at which F2 spreads. It has been suggested that users hold tight and play the Flappy Bird game as much as possible as it slows down the rate of virus until an antidote can be synthesized.

The origins of the virus point to a CS student at the university who has left his signature, “Mr. FlapFlap” in the virus’ code. It appears that Mr. FlapFlap has still been playing  the game, despite the fact that it has long since been removed from the App store. He was upset over the difficulty of the game and decided that everyone should continue to feel his pain. The comment portion of his code reads,


“// Good luck flapping your way through this game forever! I’ve struggled alone for too long. Now it’s your turn.


// - Mr. FlapFlap”


If you have any information on Mr. FlapFlap’s identity please contact the Flappy Flu officials immediately.