Food policy brings Feds events and businesses together

The Feds Board of Directors (BoD) passed the Feds Food Policy at their first meeting of the year. The policy regulates food and coupons provided at Feds events in the Student Life Centre (SLC), with the exception of those held by clubs and societies.

According to the policy, Feds commercial services – the Bombshelter, International News, and Campus Bubble/Wasabi – have first right of refusal on any food for any Feds event held in the SLC.

The policy also stipulates discounts for internal Feds departments, clubs, and societies from the catering menus of the commercial services, as well as the ability for these commercial services to match prices from any external competitor.

 According to Ben Balfour, vice-president operations and finance, this policy was largely driven by “the campus life department and the student services advisors.”

“I think the push was more from that side to really clarify, hey, what can we expect,” said Balfour.

This policy provides clear timelines for food requests, with expectations for the event teams and the commercial services. Two weeks notice is encouraged, but not required, when a request is made to one of the commercial services. More strictly, the commercial service must reply within two business days or it loses its first right of refusal for the catering of that event.

The discounts included in the policy range from a high of 40 per cent discount that internal Feds departments will receive from orders made to Bomber; to a low of 15 per cent that Feds clubs and societies will receive from International News and Campus Bubble/Wasabi. These top discounts at each of the establishments generally do not come at a loss to the commercial service. Any further discounts made when matching prices come from “within the marketing department.”

“Each commercial service has a portion of a promotional budget line,” explained Balfour. “At the time that any sort of situation is brought forward, the manager of the commercial service will make the decision as to whether charging that cost — to price match — to that[the commercial service’s] promotional line is a good use of money.”

The third part of the policy focuses on coupons from external vendors that might be distributed at events. If the coupon is for a similar item to one offered by the commercial services, the marketing manager for commercial services has a right to provide an equivalent coupon for one of the Feds businesses instead.  The director of campus life still has the power to reject a coupon if its content is deemed inappropriate. If a coupon is part of a package, Balfour clarified that “it is the whole package that is considered. I know that it doesn’t necessarily say that explicitly here, but that is the way I have come to understand it. That is the way we have worked it out in the back end.”

Balfour summed up his feelings about the policy by saying that “in terms of excitement I think it is a great opportunity for us to get more opportunities and exposure for our commercial services.”