Holding Court

Warrior Tennis had an excellent weekend Sept. 19–21 as the season hit full stride, with the men sweeping their three opponents and the women taking two out of three meetings. Sept. 19–20 had the team visiting the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Ridgebacks and then the York University Lions, which they followed up by hosting the McMaster Marauders at the Waterloo Tennis Club Sept. 21. The men had some close matches, but the women saw only blowouts, in one direction or the other.

OUA tennis matches between universities are scored out of seven, one point per singles match won (with six matches) and one point for taking at least two out of the three doubles matches.

Friday’s match against UOIT was a close one for the men on paper, but the 4–3 victory was the result of a pair of forfeited doubles matches. A lack of time, and a 4–2 lead after singles matches meant that the Warriors were comfortable dropping the doubles point. Last year’s OUA Rookie of the Year John Chen defeated Kitso Lesthope in straight sets 6–2, 6–2, and rookie Nate Flatch took his match against Robert Petrican with an impressive 6–1, 6–0.

Fourth-year math student and team captain Lee Follis lost a close 6–4, 4–6 (8–10) match to Tushar Gaur, and Kamil Ladhani also was defeated in a (8–10) tiebreaker. Rookie Thomas Lee won his match in dominating 6–0, 6–0 fashion against Riley Thierren, and first-year math student Daniel Ben Yona defeated Jack McGregor 6–2, 6–3. Lee and Ben Yona played the only doubles match of the scheduled three, rolling over UOIT’s Zach Winn and Brian Lin Song 8–1.

The women had an even more dominant showing, taking the meeting 7–0. Lucy Yao and Nathalie Skaf were the only Warriors to drop games, having played against the veterans on the Ridgebacks. That being said, Yao still won handily, going 6–1, 6–2 against Ubalaag Awil, and Skaf crushed Ragavey Prima Kumar.

The rest of the singles matches incredibly all went 6&ndash;0, 6&ndash;0 in favour of the Warriors. Colleen Fernandes crushed Marta Kocemba, Manasi Guggali smashed Rachel Mackay, Trisha Abraham stomped Vanessa Theopile, and Lupita Widyasanti <em>similarly adjectived</em> Aylix McCann. The doubles matches were similarly lopsided, with Skaf and Fernandes defeating Awil and Prima Kumar 8&ndash;1, Yao and Guggali taking their match 8&ndash;0 over Kocemba and Mackay, and Abraham and Widyasanti beating McCann and Theophile 8&ndash;1.

York was a different experience for the women. Veteran fourth-year Nicole Holland was the only Warrior to win a singles match, defeating the Lions&rsquo; Rita Kryeziu in a tight 6&ndash;4, 4&ndash;6, 6&ndash;2 match. Fernandes and Skaf managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with an 8&ndash;7 doubles win after facing four opposing match points. Abraham also had an interesting match, losing 6&ndash;4, 4&ndash;6, 4&ndash;6 to York&rsquo;s Victoria Iantorno. They lost the meeting with York 1&ndash;6.

The men had a hard fought victory against York. They won the doubles point 2&ndash;3, with John Chan and Lee, and Follis and Ladhani winning 8&ndash;5 and 8&ndash;4, respectively. Older Chan brother Vincent, having missed the UOIT games, rejoined the team against York, but dropped his and Flatch&rsquo;s game 5&ndash;8. They split the singles matches three each, with Flatch, Follis, and Daniel Kolesar dropping their matches, and Ladhani and the Chans taking theirs.

Moving to home court on the Sunday, the men easily handled McMaster 6&ndash;1. Joe Zeng joined them for the first time that weekend and contributed with a doubles win with Flach and one of the five singles victories. Follis and Ladhani won 8&ndash;4, and John Chan and Lee lost 5&ndash;8 to round out the doubles matches. Flatch was the only Warrior to lose a singles match, going 4&ndash;6, 6&ndash;7 (8&ndash;10) against Matthew Holland, brother of the Warriors&rsquo; Nicole Holland.

The women had an even more successful day against McMaster, sweeping the Marauders 7&ndash;0. Holland trounced her brother&rsquo;s team, teaming up with Yao to take a doubles match 8&ndash;4, and winning her singles match against Connie Mac 6&ndash;4, 7&ndash;5. Guggali and Widyasanti each had close matches, going 6&ndash;3, 3&ndash;6 (10&ndash;4), and 3&ndash;6, 6&ndash;3 (10&ndash;5) respectively. None of the women lost a match on Sunday.

The Warriors look to expand on their recent success as they host McGill on Friday and travel to meet the University of Toronto on Sunday. They have the OUA championships ahead, which will take place in Toronto Oct. 3&ndash;5.