It’s not easy being blue

Hello. My name is Jeremy Gilchrist. Now for the most part many of you couldn’t care less about politics, or who I am. Why should you? Many of you have never met me but a lot of you will not like me solely because of one part of who I am. I am a Conservative. Yup it’s true, I am a blue-ribbon-wearing, Harper-supporting, penny-pinching, corporate-tax-cutting conservative, and I love it.

University is a shockingly left wing experience. Many of the people who aren’t politically inclined are, most of the time, just hating on the conservative party because that’s what you do. Many times I have confronted people on this “hatred” and they talk about corporate tax cuts for party friends, environmental records, or the “Tar Sands.” But the majority of the time, it is solely because it’s cooler to be a part of another party. The thing that needs to be understood here is that the two “coolest” parties (NDP and Greens) have never actually been in power. It is very easy for them to be “armchair quarterbacks.” Parties like these promise the world in hopes of getting votes and when they finally get elected, like the NDP in the early 1990s, they flop. Bob Rae ran on promises of new things like public auto insurance. The leader and the newly elected party failed to come through on many of their promises and ended up being fairly conservative in an effort to keep the province from slipping too deep into the clutches of a recession.

So that is the real root of the problem, it is uncool to be blue. With the recent appearance of Justin Trudeau on campus, it is interesting to see the hype that was generated by the young Liberal leader. The man is a gifted speaker and knows how to carry himself, I will grant him that, but he has not done anything and with the Liberals in the third party position, his father’s smile is lost until election time.

Finally, I arrive at why I am a conservative. I personally believe that the Conservative party is the best party to lead this country. I am not asking you to join the blue party, nor am I saying that I fully agree with everything that the party does, nobody is perfect. There are many things that they do poorly, but they are the best option and judging by the last election, a good portion of Canadians agrees with me. I am not going to go as far as former president Bush (the first) and use Liberal as a negative so please don’t use Conservative as one. We really do mean well.