Jennifer Lawrence declared Most Flawless Human Being

After a vote cast in all 196 countries, Jennifer Lawrence has been hailed Most Flawless Human Being and crowned Queen of Earth. On March 20, 2014, she finally ascended into the sky where she will rule as benevolent royalty. Offerings of pizza are to be given every Saturday, failure to do so will result in a heavy downpour of solid gold Oscars, resulting in thousands of deaths worldwide.

According to Tumblr, this latest event seems like, &ldquo;the most logical step,&rdquo; considering Lawrence&rsquo;s, &ldquo;inability to do any wrong.&rdquo; Tumblr itself, and most other social media, has long seen Lawrence as the Supreme Queen and will now come together to form the Church of Katniss to worship her Majesty daily. Applications to the church by all willing and unwilling participants can be submitted to either Bradley Cooper or Josh Hutcherson by April 24<sup>th</sup>.

Finally, all memory of her tripping at the Oscars will be wiped from all humans&rsquo; minds. Please report any other missing memories to the newly created Jennifer Lawrence Memory Police, except for those memories regarding the NSA or unflattering Jennifer Lawrence GIFs.