Laurier receives Imagine Canada accreditation

Wilfrid Laurier University  became the first university in Canada to receive the Imagine Canada accreditation. Laurier has been designated as part of the standards program which requires non-profit governance and financial accountability and institutional ethics in Canada.

To achieve such accreditation, Laurier had to demonstrate excellence in five areas of operation: board governance, financial accountability and transparency, fundraising, staff management, and volunteer involvement.

Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization that supports charities and non-profits so that they can support the Canadians and communities they serve. Imagine Canada has created an ethical code program and standards program to help make sure that charities and non-profits are working as credibly or ethically as they can.

According to Imagine Canada, the purpose of this program is to help identify which non-profits are credible and trustworthy organizations. The Imagine Canada accreditation shows that the money donated or funded through taxpayer’s dollars to non-profits like Laurier is being used wisely. This is hoped by Imagine Canada, as well as the organizations involved, to build trust and confidence between the donor and organization.

This program shows that Laurier works together with all departments and all aspects of leadership, as well  as finance, to achieve greatness. Rob Donelson, VP of development and alumni relations, has been involved in the process of achieving this program standard.

In order to achieve this designation, Donelson and his office worked with other departments to attain the Imagine Canada accreditation.

“Our board of governors ensures that policies and procedures are in place university wide to ensure transparency and ethics are priorities,” said Donelson.

“It fits beautifully with the university’s institutional proposition. We place great importance on ‘inspiring lives of leadership and purpose’ among our students,” said Donelson. “This shows that the institution itself also aspires to leadership.”

Imagine Canada hopes to spread to other universities. A partnership between Imagine Canada and the Canadian Council for Advancement of Education has been in the process to better promote the program.  According to Donelson, this will help Laurier, as well as other schools, achieve the philanthropic support they need to operate.