Science Teaching Complex: to be continued?

The Science Teaching Complex (STC) received new &nbsp;lounge chairs and tables on May 9 after weeks with an empty lounge.</p>

According to the Michael Ditty, manager faculty of science infrastructure, the furniture was always intended to be placed outside the main lecture hall (STC 1012). These pieces, however, were not managed by the STC architect or general contractor. They were managed by the University of Waterloo.

The Science Faculty did not have access to the lounge space until late-October of 2015 to evaluate the final layout and dimensions of the space. The furniture’s design was then decided mid-February 2016. Since that time the furniture was being manufactured, and only arrived in May.

Ditty has stated that more furniture is being planned, but the science faculty is hoping to study student traffic patterns in certain areas before making the final decision on layout.

There will be some furniture made from the trees recently cut down to the construction near Dana Porter Library. These pieces are currently undergoing final preparation.

Despite holding classes and an open Starbucks, there are parts of STC that remain in development. A new Media.Doc can be seen in the works. When asked, Ditty commented, “Retail Services wanted changes made to their space very late in the construction phase that could not be accommodated until post-construction.”

The building was granted its occupancy permit Oct. 21 2015, Starbucks opened in November 2015 and classes and labs started were held there in Winter 2016, but STC has still yet to have its official opening ceremony. UW has delayed plans twice now and intends to hold the ceremony in September 2016. 


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