Selected sneakers: Best running shoes ranked


Sneakers have long since graduated from being the sole property of athletes and kids. Today sneakers are an essential part of a fashion ensemble.

Japan’s Triple White NMDs:

The newly released sneakers have the familiar comfortable NMD feel but the plain design is a turnoff for some. The shoes bold black Katakana print looks great on the namesake triple white material but the shades of white are somewhat lackluster by themselves.

As one has come to expect from NMD’s the boost is incredibly comfortable but the prime-knit at the top of the shoes is prone to rips. Given the hefty price tag, a slightly more interesting use of the various shades of white could be expected, as well.

For avid NMD collectors this shoe is a solid purchase but for the casual sneakerhead or consumer who (for some reason) wishes to actually run in their sneakers, this shoe is probably a pass.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2:

One of Kanye’s classic shoes the Yeezy 350 series has been incredibly popular, selling out almost instantly. Anyone seeking to buy a pair of these shoes will likely have to pay a premium markup on the second hand market.

I’m currently wearing my 350 V2 Core Black Reds and the trademark boost is as comfortable as expected.

The red on black design is aesthetically pleasing but the hovercraft style bottom gives the shoe a bit of an odd look while attracting more dirt than a traditional sneaker.

After long time use the soles become a bit misshapen and even sticky.

The material is not comparable to the comfort of prime-knit found in NMD’s and is quite stifling.

The cost may be prohibitive but Yeezy’s come with a wow factor which, to some, is worth the price.

Balenciaga  Speed Trainer:

The urban looking shoe is stylish and comfortable but hard to pair with an outfit. The mesh material is comfortable and breathable but if you are walking long distances the somewhat spongy soles can cause discomfort. The shoes modern look perfectly fit a tech wear outfit but are difficult to pair with more traditional clothing. The simple design is attractive but the price tag is as prohibitive as the Yeezys without the name brand. These shoes are a good buy for techwear enthusiasts.