Self-evaluating Feds’ first term

Editor's note: In an ongoing blog series, Imprint poses a question relevant to on-campus politics, activities, and student life. A Feds representative(s) will answer in detail. This week: What do you think is Feds' biggest accomplishment and biggest failure of their term thus far? VP Internal Maaz Yasin answers.

Normally, I would have the students, our stakeholders, be the judge about what they think is Feds' biggest accomplishment and failure. The Feds execs have been working on different projects all year, and a snapshot of each of our achievements is shared on at the end of every term. A tangible accomplishment for me is the creation and launch of Feds Co-op Connection. 

Co-op Connection is a service that strives to bring together students while they are away on work terms in all the major cities in North America where there are a significant number of uWaterloo co-ops. In its first term, Co-op Connection had volunteers in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. Volunteers in these cities organized highly attended events ranging from networking events in Toronto to hiking trips or festival hopping in Calgary. Some events had an expected attendance of 200 students, but in some cases 500 showed up. 

It has been clear that we have really hit a niche with this service. We are filling a gap in the student experience and to me that is an accomplishment. Find out more about Co-op Connection here:

One of the things we reminisce as executives is the election period where we were out and about for two weeks nonstop campaigning, talking to students, and making ourselves known to them. We would visit many different parts of campus. We would meet students from so many different faculties, clubs, and societies. 

After taking office though, we had our long-term, medium-term, short-term projects and action items to accomplish. This would require meeting stakeholders, briefing staff, responding to emails, spending lots of time inside offices. We found that the amount of time we spent traveling to different parts of campus talking to students during campaign period was hard to replicate. It was something we initially really wanted to do when we got elected, but was simply not possible if we wanted to maintain a sane work-life balance.

After discussing with my executive team about how we can still incorporate elements of our campaign-style student interaction, we came up with an idea that we will be launching early next term: Feds Talks. Every other week, the executives will go to a different part of campus with coffee and cookies and spend one hour talking to students. We want for our presence to reach outside of the SLC to where many of our students are. More information about this initiative will be released shortly through the Feds website, so stay tuned!

Maaz Yasin

VP Internal

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