Should have swiped left

Today sucked. There was a constant downpour and my umbrella broke.  My crazy history professor assigned a HUGE project due next week with no warning. Oh, and that guy I met on Tinder, Matt, he turned out to be a psycho. He won’t stop texting and calling me. He even called my roommate, Lisa, to see if I was okay because I wasn’t answering him... can you take a hint please!

<span style="letter-spacing: 0.2px">I walked home, completely drenched. Finally, I got home to see that my roommate left our door completely open. Does she not care that anyone could come in? All the lights were off, which was weird. Lisa doesn&rsquo;t have class right now and she told me that she was staying in to study for midterms tonight.</span>

I walked into our apartment with paranoia building inside of me. I called out, but no one answered me. I felt like something wasn&rsquo;t right. Her room door was open, but she was not there. She was not in the living room, kitchen or bathroom. I even checked my room and she was still nowhere to be seen.

Then the thought hit me like a train. What if Matt got to her? Maybe I should call her to see if she&rsquo;s okay. Or maybe I should call Matt and ask him to release her. I could see Matt doing something that crazy. I know he was arrested once, but he wouldn&rsquo;t tell me why. This boy had to be bad news.

My rationality finally came back to me. I decided she must be across the hall studying. The thoughts flooded my head, &ldquo;I had a bad day and I&rsquo;m just on edge. I need to come to my senses. Everything is okay; she just accidently left the door open.&rdquo; &nbsp;

Maybe some food will help. I eagerly opened the white fridge door. Then, I saw it. I realized why my roommate was nowhere to be found. I hit the floor in utter despair. This could not be happening. Not to me, not today. I let out a loud scream.&nbsp;

Lisa came rushing in immediately. &ldquo;I&rsquo;m sorry! I shouldn&rsquo;t have, but I could not resist,&rdquo; she said with her voice shaking. The evidence was there. I could see the red stains on the corners of her mouth.

I was so flabbergasted that I could not even answer her. She looked at me, straight in the eyes and said &ldquo;Julie, it looked so good. I know it was your piece and I shouldn&rsquo;t have eaten it. I promise I can get you some tomorrow.&rdquo; How dare she eat my last piece of pizza!