SLC renovations set for February not yet started

Construction has yet to commence on the SLC remodelling project that was announced in Spring 2015.</p>

The first wave of construction was expected to hit the SLC in a remodelling endeavour by the end of February. This would include changes to Room 1116, more commonly known as Imprint’s old office, the Feds marketing and communications office, Room 0137, and the multi-faith room, Room 0138. The remodelling involves swapping the marketing and communications office and Imprint’s office. 

The two organizations were removed from the SLC weeks ago, yet there has been no sign of construction. Feds VP operations and finance, Carly McCready, explained, “We had planned for construction on SLC 1116 to start at the end of February. Unfortunately, that has not happened. We are currently waiting for final drawings from Plant Operations. Once drawings are received and approved I would expect construction to take approximately six weeks.”

For safety reasons, both spaces being remodelled are currently unavailable. The offices have been relocated to the second floor of MC and are accessible to students; Imprint operating out of MC 2036 and Feds out of MC 2037. 

Along with Imprint’s publishing of these changes, Feds has taken measures to notify students as well.

“This information has been reflected on, on the Feds directory located in the SLC, and in the email signatures of our staff. An email was also sent to student groups who use Feds marketing and communications to let them know of the relocation,” said McCready.

The new Imprint office will also take over the existing multi-faith prayer space in the SLC basement. This plan led to students expressing concern in regards to the multi-faith room space being cut and what plans the SLC/PAC expansion holds for such a place. Once again, Feds looked to MC with the solution.

“Recently, new multi-faith space has opened in MC, which is much larger than the multi-faith space on the basement level of the SLC. There is also multi-faith space planned in the SLC/PAC expansion,” McCready said.

In an update on the SLC/PAC expansion, Feds stated that the new multi-faith room will have space for 100 students with lockers and cleansing amenities.