Special board meeting information non-existent on Feds website

The Feds board of directors has had three special meetings this year. On June. 19, they met to hear from WPIRG regarding their office space; on July. 15, they held a meeting to talk about Welcome Week funding; and on Oct. 7, they held a meeting on the Annual General Meeting as well as approved the purchase of three MappedIn kiosks for the SLC. Yet on the Feds website, where they post the meeting dates, agendas, and minutes there is no mention of these three meetings.

Feds has been criticized in the past for not posting minutes online. At the time of print, an online search revealed that, in addition to there being no mention of the three special board meetings, the minutes for the July and October meetings were missing, as well as the agenda for the November meeting. None of the agendas posted included the attachments that are often referred to for further information.

The responsibility of ensuring that the board of director’s documents are up to date falls on the secretary of the board, Vice-President Internal Maaz Yasin. When asked about why there was nothing on the special meetings online, Yasin said, “That should not be the case, they should be listed on the website. All board meetings whether they be special meetings or regular meetings should be on the website.”

Yasin explained that the process for minutes being posted was for them to be approved by all the board members and then sent to marketing to be posted.

The topic of the missing information on the website has been brought up at previous board meetings. When asked about why they hadn’t been posted after those discussions, Yasin said, “I think the minutes for the special meetings weren’t approved, so we are trying to get that done now and post them on the website.”

It is not clear why other summer meeting minutes have been approved and posted, while the special meeting minutes have not been approved. The agendas require no approval to be posted.

Danielle Burt, president of Feds, has on two occasions pledged to improve the posting of minutes as an answer to the transparency criticisms the board has faced this year. On Aug. 1, as part of a post on the governance review, and on Oct. 30, in a recap of the AGM, Burt singled out posting of minutes as something that Feds would improve.

Yasin was asked about these commitments and whether Feds was living up to the transparency they promised through the posting of minutes. He replied, “I’ll need to follow up with the marketing department; they should be putting those up.”