The goal for this year’s campaign is to raise $250,000. Donations currently sit at $100,000

A wave of colour swept through the university Oct. 1 when faculty and staff wore red to kick off the annual United Way Campaign (UWC).

Although the campaign is targeted towards staff, faculty, and retirees, students are encouraged to get involved, too.<br />
&ldquo;We are proud to say that a group of dedicated student volunteers have recently launched an official club,&rdquo; said Nadine Collins, co-chair of the campaign.

The goal for the 2014 campaign is to raise $250,000 through donations and fundraising activities like raffles and bake sales. More than $100,000 has already been raised.

All donations will go to the United Way of Kitchener Waterloo &amp; Area, a local affiliate of United Way that gives disenfranchised children and youth the resources they need to succeed, provides support to those living in poverty, and strengthens engagement and connections within communities.

&ldquo;All of us are impacted by the work of the United Way KW in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, whether our lives or the lives of people we know are made better by a program they fund, or that the work they do is impacted by our research or whether it is the security of living in a community which works to ensure that no one is left behind,&rdquo; Collins said.

The UWC has been run at UW for 20 years with plenty of success. Last year&rsquo;s campaign raised a total of $250,561. In 2013, the United Way of Kitchener Waterloo &amp; Area awarded UW the leadership giving award. &nbsp;

UW is not alone in its fundraising efforts. This is a nation-wide campaign and many universities across Canada, including UBC and U of T, are also taking part to support their local United Way affiliates.

&ldquo;I think the University of Waterloo as an institution works to be a good citizen and contributes to the community in a variety of ways,&rdquo; Collins said.

&ldquo;Our students, faculty, and staff have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on our community, and our community relations office works diligently to understand the influence the university has in the community and proactively looks for ways to use

UW&rsquo;s reputation for innovation and excellence to take the work currently being done to new levels.<br />
&ldquo;Students who wish to get involved can contact our office at extension 33840 and we can put them in touch with the club organizers,&rdquo; Collins said.