The Hagey Hall Hellbeast

Candice had foolishly decided to do her homework in HH 227, even though every one of her friends warned her that that ruddy prison was far too creepy. As you probably know, rooms in old Hagey Hall are always warm, and the combination of boring English poetry and stifling heat soon had her fast asleep. Strangely, no one, not even a janitor, woke her up. So, at precisely 9:38 pm. Candice awoke and the lights were off. An unnerving sound, like harsh shallow breathing, was coming from somewhere above her. She got up, packed her belongings, and was walking to the door when she heard heavy footsteps coming from right above her head. They were so powerful that Candice could feel their vibrations rising up her body. Stricken with fear, she crouched behind a table, her heart pounding in that sort of deep and stinging way that a person’s heart does when their survival instincts have been kicked into overdrive. 

Candice waited a while for the sounds to go away, but they just kept circling around her, as if whatever was making them knew that there was something below it that didn’t belong. She could still hear that strange breathing, and she thought she heard growling too, but it was hard to make it out with the blood in her ears beating against her eardrums so fiercely. Candice knew that she would have to make a run for it. This thing would not go away. She got up and slowly reached the door, grasped the handle shakily, twisted it, and pulled the door open. An amazing quiet escape considering her nerves had now been thoroughly shot, or at least it would have been if the stupid, dumbass door hadn’t creaked. Candice froze, trying to hear the thumps. Suddenly, she heard them. But they weren’t above her. Oh no, they were coming down the steps around and down the hall! Candice turned right, running desperately for the corner, and then veered right again. As she was rounding left around the next corner, she could hear the thing coming up fast behind her, its footfalls now like small explosions, rising up from the ground, threatening to break her footing. Candice could hear its enraged scream, a piercing shrill that wound down to a grounding hiss before rising in pitch again like a siren. 

If only there hadn’t been a door in her way. Candice halted and reached for the handle. The monster got her. She felt something wet and sticky wrap around her ankle, her body hit the floor, and then she saw it. A huge monster with glowing violet eyes and pealing red skin. It opened a mouth full of hard and blunted teeth, the kind meant for crushing and grinning things. Its breath smelled like bleach and soap. It lunged at her, and she knew no more.