The Midnight Raven began as a store selling crystal jewelry on popular DIY craft website, Etsy.

Founder and second year Liberal Arts student Sarah Rombough decided that her store could do more than simply sell crystals in the traditional sense.

The Midnight Raven evolved from an Etsy shop to a guided fashion experience and female empowerment focused media company.

A unique feature of The Midnight Raven is the archetype each user is assigned after completing a custom made questionnaire.

This archetype process is followed by another process that helps users select their personal crystal bracelet. All jewelery sold is made by hand and customized for customers.

The company’s website describes the end product as “wearable art and a wearable personal affirmation!”

The startup has a mission beyond just the sale of personalized items; it also seeks to use fashion (among other tools) to increase female empowerment. The startup’s website features a blog containing articles on fashion, self-help, book recommendations and more.

The blog aims to help readers learn about themselves as they also learn about the myriad of topics mentioned above.

As the business continues to expand Rombough hopes to bring on additional hires to help produce a greater quantity of crystals and articles while maintaining the same level of individual quality.

Rombough is also enrolled in BET 300 . The course has helped her develop her business and her presence in the class helps to show that it’s not just engineering and computer science students who have startups.

Rombough faced something of a less than warm welcome in some corners of the startup community, as a female founder with a non traditional startup idea, there were some who scorned her venture.

With a website she made herself and a business that is growing an already impressive base, The Midnight Raven is flying high.