This Week in Imprint – January 16, 2015


Hey readers! Here's a few highlights of the January 16 issue of Imprint. As always, you can find Imprint issues across campus, or check us out at


Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks with students in interactive discussion — On Jan. 13, Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne made an appearance at E5 to meet with university students and talk about the issues that mattered to them. After opening comments from Feds president Danielle Burt and Minister of Research and Education Reza Moridi, as well as her own opening remarks, Wynne's event was a Q&A session where she addressed student-related matters like transit, mental health awareness, and international students.

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Look forward to the video of Imprint's interview with Wynne soon!


Dispelling some myths about Greek life at UW — Did you know that UW's sorority has fundraisers for local literacy organizations? Did you even know we had a sorority here? If you've ever wondered what Greek life is like at UW, take a look at the realities of being in the Sigma Chi fraternity or Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, as well as the stigmas and problems that members have to face, (especially taking on rape culture), and the surprising ways they're involved with the UW community.

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The five best (non-Nintendo) games of 2014 — For die-hard Nintendo fanboys, 2014 will forever be known as “the year you could admit to owning a Wii U without feeling a crushing sense of shame”. Games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U made the console relevant again, and made it stand out in a year disappointingly-average games like Watch Dogs and Destiny. But for the disheartened non-Nintendo gamers, this week's Giga Game Breaker rounds up the top 5 games on all the other consoles.

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Reps for Warriors: Women's hockey — Just in time to make you feel bad about slacking at your gym-related New Year's resolutions, this week Imprint followed the Warriors women's hockey team off the rink to see the kind of training they go through before games. Their regular morning warm-ups include Bulgarian split squats, T-spine clocks, rocking hip flexors, and many other ridiculously-named exercises. Read up on the intensive and all-encompassing regimen our Warrior women have and realize that, hey, maybe working out in PAC once or twice a week isn't that bad, after all.

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