This Week: Should varsity athletes be kicked off the team for cannabis consumption?


“No. I think it depends on the sport you’re playing, and when you’re doing it. If you’re doing it before a competition then that is kind of stupid because it’s clearly a banned substance [in sports]. If you know when you’re allowed to do it and you do it within those times, I don’t think it’s bad. Yes, athletes need to stay in peak physical condition from months in advance, but during the off months they can party and enjoy life.”

Sean Kelly, 1B Sociology and Legal Studies

“It’s a choice that should lead to being kicked off the team. I know it’s legal in Canada, but for many years it’s been banned at different sports levels, in leagues of high intensity and high competitiveness. So as students, I think they should be banned from the team, as it is a choice they make and they should suffer the consequences of their action.”

Lucas Ficele, 1B Accounting and Financial Management

“I’m new to this weed thing because we don’t really have it Sweden. But it’s legal in Canada, and it seems weird that somebody would punish someone for doing something that’s legal. I mean, would you kick them off the team for consuming alcohol also? It seems weird.”

Gustav Magnusson, Exchange Student Physics

“No. Smoking isn’t bad. I think as long as anything doesn’t come into play and take over, it’s not bad if they do it in their own time. Obviously not before a game, that is dangerous! As long as they are being cautious with it, and not being dumb.”

Nadia Nikpour, 1B International Development


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