Three full teams to run in this year’s Feds election

The 2014 Feds elections will see three full teams go up against each other for the four executive positions.

The three teams are as follows:

<strong>Team Spark candidates</strong><br />
President: Danielle Burt, Math<br />
VP Education: Renishaki Kamalanathan, Arts<br />
VP Internal: Maaz Yasin, Arts<br />
VP Operations and Finance: Ben Balfour, AHS

<strong>Team Nova candidates</strong><br />
President: Jesse McGinnis, Math<br />
VP Education: Luke McIntosh, Arts<br />
VP Internal: Anjali Gopal, Engineering<br />
VP Operations and Finance: Elizabeth McFaul, Math<br />
<br />
<strong>Team Green candidates</strong><br />
President: Mohammad Bdeir, Engineering<br />
VP Education: Stephane Hamade, Math<br />
VP Internal: Saleem Khan, Math<br />
VP Operations and Finance: Raghda Sabry, Arts


There will also be students council elections for arts, with six candidates and five seats available; math, with eight candidates and five seats available; and science, with seven candidates and four seats available. The engineering, environment, and St. Jerome&#39;s seats are acclaimed, while AHS, Cambridge, Kitchener, and Renison had no candidates.<br />
<br />
Additionally, senate will see an election for the arts seat with two candidates while the environment and science seats are acclaimed. There will also be an election for one of two student-at-large positions with two candidates running.

In total, nine races will be decided during this year&#39;s Feds elections. Campaigning begins Jan. 28 and ends Feb. 11 when voting commences and continues until Feb. 13.