To those who never trick or treated

Josh Goldschmidt


1. Statics or chance

5. Dance made famous by Fortnite

8. Frankfurter

9. Molten rock

10. Texan battle site of 1836

11. Liam Neeson film franchise

12. Sound of a chicken 

15. To gather 

18. Marvel superheroine originally called “The Cat”

20. Method to talk to the dead

21. Home for the birds

23. A.K.A. Pumpkin or gourd

24. New or in-season

25. Arborist’s patient


1. Nocturnal bird

2. Group of microalgae producing 20% of earth’s oxygen

3. Divine being in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism

4. ______ on a Plane (2006), David Ellis

5. Not quite a euro 

6. French currency predating Euro

7. Person obsessed with animé and manga

10. A share in a company

13. Fastener securing a wheel to a vehicle

14. Ballet term; step, together, step

15. Reserved or reticent

16. Full of vigour and energy

17. Hidden storage 

19. The back

22. Definite article


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