Training day

In the sweltering heat, the Warriors football team was doing sprint-pursuit drills. Players were invited to train as a team for their individual player workouts before team practices at football training camp in mid-August.

Coach Bingeman will approach the new season with a back-to-basics coaching strategy, making sure each player has strong fundamentals. This season’s fresh faces include assistant coach Joe Haggins, who will be assisting the defensive line, and 18 new recruits.

The core components of the individual practices are anaerobic conditioning, strength training, and power training. The practice sessions happen a couple times a week, currently with 25 to 30 players.

The Warriors will have one of the smaller rosters in the league this year. Going into camp there are 85 players, compared to other schools that have over 100.

The training camp is an intensive two weeks. It will consist of two-hour, twice-a-day team practices. Every Saturday morning, the players will also do specialized strength training. Incoming players will have the opportunity to become familiarized with the offensive and defensive playbooks when the whole team meets in July.

For this season, the team will have a smaller playbook: instead of a wide array of formations, Bingeman is focusing on technique and execution.

“I was part of a team as a player that lost every game for years and years. Then we had a new coach come in and he really, really stressed fundamentals: blocking, tackling, getting off tackling ... it really went back to those belief systems of fundamentals and not being too fancy.”  

When asked about expectations for the upcoming season after last year’s challenges, Bingeman responded that he expects to see a very physical football team on the field, equipped with players who are mentally tough.

“If you believe that you are going to win your one-on-one battle on a play, and you believe the guy beside you is going to win his one-on-one battle, and we all win our one-on-one battles, we’ll win that play.”

Incoming running back Ryan DiRisio said the biggest challenge he’s experienced since transitioning from playing at a high school level to university is definitely the speed of the game.

“It’s a lot faster ... you’ve got to be able to think a lot quicker on your feet, and make decisions a lot quicker.”

The team’s first game of the season is against the Carleton Ravens on Labour Day at Warrior Field.


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