U of G prof charged


by Farishteh Khan

University of Guelph professor John Kissick has been catapulted into the spotlight as a result of alleged assault charges filed by his girlfriend, Talia Yeo.

Yeo posted a video on her Instagram and Facebook accounts containing graphic content showing Kissick assaulting her using a weapon.

This video was recorded in an attempt to show her boyfriend the brutality of his behavior from her perspective.

“Unfortunately when I would speak to John about the way he was treating me, the narrative that was created was that I was crazy, that I was instigating him, that I was bringing it on, there was zero accountability,” Yeo said.

She endured the physical abuse for approximately one of the four total years of their relationship.

Despite trying to get him to accept his mistakes, talk him out of the pattern of behaviour, and display the appropriate remorse, Yeo was repeatedly blamed for instigating and deserving his abuse.

In a last-ditch attempt to rectify the situation, Yeo was advised to film the video that was later posted online and taken to the police.

According to her, this video was taken in July 2018 and led to a hospital visit where she was diagnosed with a concussion, a swollen jaw, and some bruises.

The University of Guelph responded to the social media uproar:

“The University takes such allegations seriously. We have met with the faculty member and are looking into the situation,” a statement to CBC news said.

However, attempts to reach out to Kissick so far have been unsuccessful.

He currently faces two charges of assault and one charge of assault with a weapon, but did not appear at court for his hearing on Oct. 16. As such, the case was adjourned to Nov. 6.


  1. ALL assault charges against local artist and University of Guelph professor John Kissick were dropped in court Monday….

    Yeo is also facing charges related to the incident, including two counts of criminal harassment (STALKING), failure to attend court and two counts of fail to comply with an undertaking. HMMM
    The mutual peace bond and dropping of charges for both parties was suggested by YEO’S Counsel said Kissick’s defence attorney Michelle Dwyer.

  2. Talia Yeo is a criminal. Not only is she a stalker but has harassed too many people to count. She is a liar who deserves to be charged after making false claims against John Kissick. She is a disgrace to all women who actually are abused.

    • How can a man act this way and be aloud to walk as if he did nothing wrong.
      To many times this happens and if our history has taught us anything, these individuals will act again in a more aggressive manner.
      Justice? I think not.

      • Do you even know both parties or are you just a bandwagon feminist? You have the audacity to say that stuff without knowing a single fact about Talia Yeo and everything she’s done to harass multiple men in her lifetime. Check your facts.

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