Um, can you not? (My pet peeves)

Have you ever cringed when you saw someone doing something questionable at the gym? I do — a lot. Just like any environment, there are unwritten rules of conduct at the gym that most regulars follow. However, there are always those few people that leave you walking away, shaking your head in disbelief and banging it against the wall because you can’t believe “common sense” is not part of their vocabulary. Here are a few of my biggest pet peeves.

<strong>Half Squats</strong>

Half squats are the bane of my existence &mdash; a part of me dies every time I see someone cheat depth.

<strong>Curls in the squat rack</strong>

This should be a written rule. You can literally curl anywhere, why would you curl in the sacred place for squats?

<strong>Long rest intervals</strong>

Stop trying to set a new 15 minute rest personal record (PR) please.


Acceptable if you&rsquo;re lifting heavy sets, but otherwise STFU.

<strong>Stealing benches/racks</strong>

I&rsquo;m just going to get a drink of water, relax kid.


I know y&rsquo;all want to impress that honey next to you (a.k.a. me), but your poor form and lightweight ain&rsquo;t her cup of tea.

<strong>Working into someone else&rsquo;s set</strong>

Don&rsquo;t ask to work in if you can&rsquo;t keep up with the weight. No one wants to keep switching the weights over and over again.

<strong>Using benches as a table</strong>

Just put your iPad on the floor&hellip;wait, why are you even bringing an iPad to the gym?!?


Get caked up for the club, not the gym.

<strong>Walking into the gym and heading straight to a bench</strong>

Warm-ups exist for a reason...but then again so do busted shoulders.

<strong>Admiring yourself in the mirror</strong>

It&rsquo;s fine occasionally, but not after every set (Kurt, I&rsquo;m talking to you).

If you are guilty of any of these, please, please, please consider changing your habits for the sake of those around you. If you need assistance with an exercise, ask a trainer or someone who looks like they know what they are doing (not the bro next to you grunting during all 10 sets of his rounded back deadlifts). Let&rsquo;s all work together to keep the gym a safe, sanitary, and inclusive environment! We are all here to help each other succeed on the road to gainz city.