UW student develops Android app to help students study

UW co-op student Oluwasefunmi Osinaike has developed a new Android app to aid students with their studying. The free app, called Yellow Brick Me is “designed to help students manage their distractions [and] build appropriate study schedules,” Osinaike said.

The app starts with a simple ‘study/stop’ button. Once the user presses the study button on the app, all notifications are hidden. This way “you don’t get pop-ups or noises while you study,” Osinaike said.

When users begin using the app, they set their goals. This is done through a brief questionnaire on the second page, which has the user answering questions such as, “How long do you want to study for [daily and weekly]?”and “How [do you want] to spend weekends?” By tracking the user’s actual study habits and comparing them with the user’s goals, the app may advise the user to change his or her goals in a certain direction, such as reducing the number of hours spent studying each day.

Osinaike said that in future updates, the app will include graphs to let the users see their study patterns and more advanced blocking technology, such as blocking websites which are a particular distraction to the user.

The first release of the app will be a beta version available only on Android phones. However, Osinaike is looking to expand the app for use on other devices, including desktops and iPhones, by September 2015. The goal, said Osinaike, is that “once you input something on your phone, it activates on your laptop as well.” The app is set for release around the end of January.

When questioned about the origin of the app&rsquo;s name, Osinaike said his co-founder named it after <em>The Wizard of Oz</em> and the yellow brick road that will &ldquo;send them on the right path.&rdquo; Osinaike also pointed out that there are other positive aspects surrounding yellow, including that it &ldquo;makes you less sleepy [and] more active and studious.&rdquo;

The Yellow Brick Me app will be the first released by Tally, a company started by Osinaike. The company will be &ldquo;aimed at solving problems in the modern day world.&rdquo;

Those interested in the app can visit www.yellowbrickme.ca at the end of January for a free download.