UW student takes home Miss Oktoberfest crown

Lindsay Kalbfleisch, a recreation and leisure student at UW, was recently crowned Miss Oktoberfest 2014.

Kalbfleisch was chosen out of 12 contestants from the Waterloo Region. The women who competed for the title were all ambassadors of the community and outstanding citizens. Denise Brown came in second place, and the third place title was given to Taylor Gilders.

Passionate about community-based research on how to improve inclusivity of Kitchener–Waterloo, Kalbfleisch is in her fifth-year at UW. Last April, she went on a trip with fellow UW students to visit the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Her career goals include finding ways to make the community more acceptable for marginalized community members.

In an interview with <em>The</em> <em>Record</em>, Kalbfleisch said &ldquo;I think I can be a big part of changing public perception about the process [of becoming Miss Oktoberfest] and really hammering home that it&rsquo;s based on interview and not based on a pageant.&rdquo;

Kalbfleisch will stay busy with over 125 appearances as Miss Oktoberfest in the upcoming year. Miss Oktoberfest is the second most requested VIP, next to the KW Oktoberfest mascot, Onkel Hans. These appearances include visits to many schools in the surrounding area and the Thanksgiving Parade. This title requires being a representative of the unique German heritage in KW. Kalbfleisch hopes to use her power to inspire other young women to be active in the community and self-confident.

The 46th annual Oktoberfest events end Oct. 18.