Windsor wilts woozy Warriors

The Waterloo Warriors football team lost to the Windsor Lancers by a score of 63–4 Sept. 20.

Both teams had to battle the elements as they took turns throwing and kicking with and against some high winds. The weather would prove to be particularly challenging for Waterloo and Windsor kickers Mitch Kernick and Anthony Malandruccol. Kernick learned the true nature of the wind early on his first punt of the day. The kick went up and about 20 yards long before being blown backwards to the line of scrimmage for a net gain of zero yards. Kernick would go on to kick for 573 yards on the day.

A high note for the Warriors was breaking an almost 169-minute scoring drought on the first play of the second half. Caleb Girard’s kickoff sailed over the head of Windsor’s returner and took two fortunate bounces out of the back of the end zone for the rouge point. Kernick would add another single on the day on a punt into the end zone, the result of a Lancer’s blocking from behind penalty committed in the end zone.

Neither team was particularly disciplined on the day, as Windsor and Waterloo committed 146 and 160 yards worth of penalties, respectively. Waterloo put together a solid first quarter of play in which they held Windsor to 14 points. In the following quarters Waterloo’s penalties (many of which were 15-yard personal fouls) would prove costly, putting undefeated Windsor in good scoring position time and time again. Windsor earned first downs due to Waterloo penalties on seven separate occasions.

Waterloo would earn another two points on a whiffed snap which went over Malandruccol’s head and out the back of the end zone for the safety. Malandruccol and long snapper Joe Iatzko had several miscommunications throughout the day, which either led to the Warriors scoring or putting them in very favourable field position to do so. Late in the first quarter, after being pinned deep by the Warriors’ aggressive defence, Malandruccol came out with the punt team and mishandled the snap. Connor Lanteigne, a second-year wide receiver, recovered the fumble for Waterloo at Windsor’s 28-yard line.

Waterloo would march the ball down to Windsor’s second yard line. Brendan Conway, who has Waterloo’s only major score on the year, was unable to find the end zone on third down, turning the ball over to Windsor. On the ensuing drive, Windsor quarterback Austin Kennedy, who threw 10-for-13 with 141 yards on the day, would assemble a 106-yard drive for the Lancers second touchdown.

Jamie Cook suited up for the Warriors after missing last week’s game against Laurier. Cook had three completions on eight attempts and would again split duties behind centre with Lucas McConnnell.

Glorian Ganza had a strong game on the ground, returning kickoffs for 112 yards. Second-year defensive lineman and Kitchener native Braden Southern would record Waterloo’s first sack of the season.

Waterloo will be in action again during alumni weekend Sept. 27 as they take on the Western Mustangs at 1 p.m. for their final home performance of 2014.