Winter 2015 anime season impressions

I finally caught up on all the shows that I&rsquo;ll be hopefully following this season&nbsp; (I might have been a tad distracted by playing a certain game by Supergiant Games, <em>cough</em>). I&rsquo;ll be continuing <em>Magic Kaito 1412, Yowapeda GRANDE ROAD, Parasyte, Shirobako,</em> and<em> Your Lie in April</em>, but so far for the winter season, I&rsquo;ve been waffling on what I actually want to watch. I tried to watch <em>Tokyo Ghoul </em><em>&radic;</em><em>A</em>, but it looks like I&rsquo;ll skip it; as for <em>Aldnoah.Zero</em>, the show somehow wrote itself out of everyone-is-dead-but-they&rsquo;re-actually-not. It&rsquo;s a mixed bag this season, but based on my initial impressions, here&rsquo;s what looks promising.

<em>Kuroko&rsquo;s Basketball </em>(Season 3)

It&rsquo;s another sports anime, yes. Winter Cup continues, with the first episode being mostly recap and the introduction of Haizuki, the player on the former Teiko Junior High team who was later replaced by &ldquo;copycat&rdquo; Kise. I feel like this season will start to introduce the flashbacks about why the Generation of Miracles went different ways after their time at Teiko together, as they all went to different schools to play basketball. It&rsquo;s all a matter of pacing, and I really hope we get to the finals before the end of the season ... but we probably won&rsquo;t.

<em>Assassination Classroom</em>

What to do when a mysterious creature blows away most of the moon and threatens Earth with a similar fate? Dubbed &ldquo;Koro-sensei&rdquo; by his class, he becomes a teacher for an E-level class where he teaches everyday subjects, as well as the art of assassination. If someone can kill him before graduation, the planet won&rsquo;t be destroyed, plus there&rsquo;s a cash bonus. Who will be the ultimate victor? The animation is somewhat iffy, so this will most likely be the one I will drop.

<em>Death Parade</em>

I haven&rsquo;t seen the short film that this is inspired from, but the catchy opening with the dancing barkeep and company is a sharp contrast to the murky feel of the show.


Despite the completely absurd premise of girls possessed with the spirits of Japanese warships, I&rsquo;ve learned to roll with it. High production value and great action sequences are enough to keep me entertained, so I will test the waters. I&rsquo;m not interested in staying up to win the lottery for a chance to play the browser game it&rsquo;s based off of, so this will do.

<em>Love Bullet: Yuri Kuma Arashi </em>

Director Kunihiko Ikuhara (<em>Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum</em>) with bears &mdash; be prepared for very stylish backgrounds and great framing. I feel like I haven&rsquo;t seen enough to judge how this show will go, so we&rsquo;ll see.

<em>Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!</em>

I really disliked the first episode, as it was all utter nonsense and the only redeeming factor was that the transformation sequences were well animated. I&rsquo;m still angry at myself because I have already rewatched all the episodes that are out at the moment. Sigh.