Arts & LIfe

Arts & LIfe

The Hagey Hall Hellbeast

Candice had foolishly decided to do her homework in HH 227, even though every one of her friends warned her that that ruddy prison...

10 easy last minute costume ideas

  Dilemma: Your friend just texted you: “Halloween party tonight, my place, see you at 10.”  Bigger Dilemma: It is 6 and...

Should have swiped left

Today sucked. There was a constant downpour and my umbrella broke.  My crazy history professor assigned a HUGE project due next week with no...

Whatever happened to the horror movie murderer?

Hi. My name is the Generic Serial Killer, and for the last 20 years, I’ve made a living killing blissfully ignorant characters in horror...

Space Brothers: Reaching for the moon and beyond

I started watching A-1 Pictures'&nbsp;<em>Space Brothers</em>&nbsp;not being sure what to expect. The main promotional image of the anime shows two brothers: one in an...

Waterloo Replicates TIFF with GRFF

8th annual Grand River Film Festival runs Nov. 3-8, 2014

Tri-City stopgap: By artists, for artists

Local art collective holds open call art exhibition in Waterloo warehouse

Fit for a princess

Princess Caf&eacute; is a quaint little coffee shop located on the bustling King Street in uptown Waterloo. Sharing its name with the famous Princess...

Music that leaves you bre@th//less

Thinking back on the anime and games I&rsquo;ve encountered over the years, a lot of the time it&rsquo;s the soundtrack that sticks with me...

Dragons’ Den descends on Waterloo

Mike Wekerle is the latest to piggyback off of the Oktoberfest spirit in Waterloo with the event #Wektoberfest, hosted by...
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Students vs CECA?


2017 Feds Debate Highlights