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Arts & LIfe

Vegetarians win

On an unassuming uptown Waterloo street tucked away behind the Huether Hotel lies the mysteriously eclectic vegetarian restaurant Jane Bond. A waiter explained that...

Zeus rocks the stage at Starlight

Indie rock band. Loud. Screaming vocals. Clashing sounds. Rock star hair whips. That's probably how a word association game would turn out for the independent...

Too exotic for Kitchener

An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment that serves food to accompany drinks; traditionally it is where many Japanese salarymen would seek...

In Review: The Amish Project

green light arts' explores themes of forgiveness in The Amish Project at Hagey Hall until Oct. 5

Life after co-op

AHS grad Christina Marchand recognized for her time as a co-op student

Hold the bootlegs

I think almost every anime fan goes through a phase, especially if they start watching at a younger age, when they figure out that...

Is the internet making libraries obsolete?

In the age of the Internet, CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup tries to determine if we still need libraries, and...

Breakfast at Benny’s

The original Benny’s burned down from a neon sign short circuit in the summer of 2013. Tears were had as many die-hard Benny’s diners...

KOI Fest brings the noise

KOI Fest is the lauded project of Kitchener natives Cory and Curt Crossman. For five years, every year, downtown Kitchener has welcomed festivalgoers to...

Visual Novels: Storming their way to your devices

I didn&rsquo;t think I&rsquo;d actually finish the Steam visual novel <em>Hatoful Boyfriend</em> with all achievements unlocked, but, lo and behold, I did! <em>Hatoful Boyfriend</em>...
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Campus Crime

A new beginning