Arts & LIfe

Arts & LIfe

Waterloo alumnus nominated for two Juno awards

Country singer and UW alumnus Tim Hicks has been nominated for two Juno awards; reporter Tiffany Hinbest has the story.

Canadian Beer, Extra Ice Please

First of all, I hope you all aren't working too hard this reading week. It is far too short to spend locked up with homework as your sole companion, so be sure to do like I did and get outside!

For the love of sushi

This week, Watami Sushi wowed with not just amazingly fresh sushi, but comprehensive tastes that stood out from the AYCE pack. Sushi-lovers alert: Graphic Content will follow.

The Winter Olympics exist?

Columnist Kira Henderson talks about the differences between Canada and Australia with regards to the Winter Olympics.

All about the Big Bang

Why do 20 million people watch The Big Bang Theory? It's far from TV's best comedy, but after seven seasons, it hasn't declined either.

Tackling sexual consent with underwear

UW computer science student Amulya Sanagavarapu takes on sexual consent with her consent-themed underwear project.

Wondering where the lions are

As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, Conrad Grebel hosts An Evening with Bruce Cockburn in Hagey Hall theatre.

Live TV = social media

TV columnist Andrew Koo waxes about the state of social media and live TV today, and what Scandal is doing about it.

Music Review: Too True

Reporter Aaron Cornies reviews Dum Dum Girls’ newest EP: Too True.

Fast food and slow times at Frat Burger

Food columnist Lenore Ramirez goes to Frat Burger to experience their take on the classic hamburger.
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