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How auto-tune can be emotional

Future  Honest Epic Records Auto-tune is something that has traditionally been regarded as something inhumane, a tool...

Cake and blue skies

The Second Annual Waterloo Cake Walk could not have happened on a better day. Cake walkers were greeted with blue skies, warm weather, and, of course, a myriad of delicious desserts to choose from.

Reeling out the rainbow

Instead of spreading out the red carpet, the K-W area rolled out the rainbow carpet to welcome "Rainbow Reels," the local trans and queer film festival, May 9 to 11.

The man with the blue face playing rockabilly

When Maestro Anjael stood in the lobby of the church, the first thing I noticed was how white his teeth looked against his painted, midnight blue face. The second thing was how talon-like his nails were. Later, I would learn he painted his face blue as a protest against racism.

The cancellation blues

Last Friday, ABC cancelled Suburgatory. For the most part, I've outgrown high school shows, but Suburgatory was one I loved for its balance of drama and comedy.

According to Jim had nine seasons, that’s the true punch line

Improv is where it started for Jim Belushi and now it's where he has returned with a performance at the Centre in the Square May 8. Jim Belushi and the Board of Comedy's North American tour was a back-to-basics homage to the comedic medium.

Your upcoming weekend plans

Hillside is an outdoor, all-around hippy fest on Guelph Lake Island. The 30-year-old festival's vision statement says Hillside "will create a more vibrant and caring world by promoting altruism, equality, environmentalism, and peacemaking," so that should give show-goers an idea what they're getting into.

Third time’s a charm for UW a capella

Third time really is a charm for the University of Waterloo a cappella groups, with the Intentional Accidentals (IA) recently snagging ninth place at...

Talking Sleeping Beauty with Daniel David Moses

Aboriginal Canadian poet and playwright Daniel David Moses visited campus last week as the last featured writer in the St. Jerome's Reading Series. Moses entertained the audience with excerpts from a variety of his poems and plays.

Jerk chicken: Enough said

Food columnist Lenore Ramirez reviews the jerk chicken at Kitchener's Ellison's Bistro for her last column of the term.
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