Arts & LIfe

Arts & LIfe

Their doctors are polite, too

Australian Kira Henderson discusses her recent hospital stay in Canada.

Getting as far away from homework as physically possible — literally

Travel columnist Jessica Needham talks all about Perth, Australia — the furthest place one can get from Waterloo.

Having “The talk” with Sue Johanson

Staff reporter Melissa Johns goes to see the legendary Sue Johanson espouse her wisdom on a bevy of sexual topics.

UW Drama presents: UpStart

Our arts editor recently covered all eight productions running in this year&rsquo;s UW Drama UpStart Festival. Here are some summaries of all eight shows: <strong>Less...

Fashion For Change unveils this year’s theme

Fashion for Change held its annual theme release party last Friday at the Bombshelter Pub. The party featured a live DJ, free hors d&rsquo;oeuvres,...

Spring break… spring break… spring break forever

Okay, so quoting <em>Spring Break</em> was probably not a good idea. Going abroad to St. Petersburg, Florida to get arrested and rob crime lords...

Thanks that was fun

&ldquo;Look at the people around you. See the ones not singing? Those are the racists &hellip;&rdquo; Last Wednesday, in a show chock-full of their trademark...

Dollars and sense

The Australian government started phasing out the one-cent coin a few years before I was born. I&rsquo;ve spent my life in complete and utter...

Apocalyptic antics with The Last of Fass

The curtain opens to reveal the entire cast who abruptly jump into a bright song and dance number &mdash; an optimistic introduction to a...

Travelling abroad with East African Cafe

As an international student, I admit it: I miss home cooked food. Trying to replicate my mother&rsquo;s cooking, and failing (ever so spectacularly), I...
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