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Friend or pho?

This week, Pho Dau Bo romances your local neighbourhood foodie with quality at a great price, and an assortment of tried-and-tested Pho, spring rolls, avocado, milkshakes, and some pretty amazing fried rice.

Long live the king (warrior)

Kira gives us a look behind the mask of UW’s mascot, King Warrior, and why she adores the big, well-loved lion.

Primetime comes alive at Fashion For Change show

Fashion stepped out of the television and onto the runway with Fashion for Change’s fourth annual fashion show.

More than just a beauty contest

UW Kinesiology student Nickta Jowhari has been selected as a top 50 finalist for the Miss Universe Canada pageant. Head reporter Megan Nourse talks to Jowhari about her experiences and how they will hopefully help her win the crown.

Breaking down the barriers of mental illness

Reporter Amber O’Brien covers UW department of drama and speech communication’s newest play, From Solitary to Solidarity, exploring mental illness through the tragic story of Ashley Smith.

Press XXX to continue

Reporter Winona So goes to Nerd Nite at Themuseum, an exploration of sexuality as it relates to video games, comics, and more through a number of keynote speakers.

Harmony Lunch unpacked

The mysteries of Harmony Lunch in Uptown Waterloo are finally unraveled as our brave food reviewer and trusty companion venture into the pork burger-filled unknown.

Rrrrroll them up

Exchange student Kira Henderson experiences Roll up the Rim for the first time, and the results are not pretty.

Community, comics, and cosplay come together at Toronto ComiCon

Kira goes to ComiCon, discovering community, cosplay, and comics during the weekend-long event.

Five places you should visit as a Canadian

Travel columnist Jessica Needham provides readers with five important places for Canadians to visit before they die.
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