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Shaken, but not stirred by Jane Bond

Atmosphere, environment, and lack of truly dynamite flavours leaves food reviewer Lenore Ramirez wanting a bit more from vegetarian restaurant Jane Bond in uptown Waterloo.

Waterloo cares

Columnist Kira Henderson has a lot to be thankful for this week after being overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of others following her column about depression.

A Pixarian evening at the symphony

Arts Editor Nolan Finkelstein has a magical evening in Kitchener, as the KW Symphony brings Pixar in Concert to Centre in the Square.

Five reasons to visit Niagara in the winter

Travel columnist Jessica Needham explores some of the many reasons to visit Niagara Falls in the winter instead of the summer.

Lobster poutine though…

This week, food columnist Lenore Ramirez gets overly excited about a potato and seafood-based meal, as Imbibe attempts to stand out from the pack with alluring experimental dishes and craft beer.

Half-way depression

Columnist Kira Henderson talks about depression and how it is affecting her during her exchange from Australia.

Waterloo alumnus nominated for two Juno awards

Country singer and UW alumnus Tim Hicks has been nominated for two Juno awards; reporter Tiffany Hinbest has the story.

Canadian Beer, Extra Ice Please

First of all, I hope you all aren't working too hard this reading week. It is far too short to spend locked up with homework as your sole companion, so be sure to do like I did and get outside!

For the love of sushi

This week, Watami Sushi wowed with not just amazingly fresh sushi, but comprehensive tastes that stood out from the AYCE pack. Sushi-lovers alert: Graphic Content will follow.

The Winter Olympics exist?

Columnist Kira Henderson talks about the differences between Canada and Australia with regards to the Winter Olympics.
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