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Walk like a Bajan, talk like a Bajan

Lindsay explains the difficulties of understanding speech in other countries -- even if you already know the language.

Tax basics for basic taxes

Need help wrapping your head around taxes? Get some tips here!

Hook’d: March 17

Musical recommendations for the week of March 17

Budget cooking, Bajan style

Having a balanced grocery budget is hard enough even when you *are* familiar with the local cuisine.

Make your own fun

Catherine gives some tips on how to avoid dying of boredom while still maintaining a healthy relationship with your bank account.

Hook’d: March 10

Get Grimes-y and enjoy some nice, clean ballads

Island Time

9:10 a.m. I leave the house, heading for a nearby fitness studio where there’s a class starting at 9:30. ...

Just a spoonful of insurance, helps the medicine go down

You only get one body, so take care of it.

Hook’d: March 3

This week on Hook’d, we’ve got everything from rap to pop to disco.

Out on a limb in Barbados

Lindsay talks about how exchange has changed around her expectations of risk.
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